Every person interested in fashion knows that accessories complete an attire. There are a variety of accessories like watches, wrist bands, rings, ear rings, and more. But sunglasses are one of the most stylish accessories. Sunglasses have always been one of the best accessories for men and women alike. Sunglasses add that extra omph to your attire. Beside styling sunglasses also protect your eyes from harmful U.V radiations . When it comes to styling sunglasses, there are some frames you could never go wrong with, others not so much. Here are a few Sunglasses that will always hit the Fashion high: –

Aviator Sunglasses: –

Nobody can deny the class of these bad boys. These sunglasses have always been around as a style accessory. One of the oldest and most preferred sunglasses styles. These glasses suit almost every face and occasion, which makes them popular. Aviators go on almost any attire whether it be suits or a simple t-shirt & jeans combo.

Wayfarer Sunglasses: –

Until a few years back these glasses had gone out of style. But, in the recent times these have been one of the most popular choices after the Aviators. The rectangular shape of these glasses gives the face a neater and sharper shape over all. One of the best when it comes to styling with suits and casual wear.

Retro Round Sunglasses: –

If you are a fan of the retro styling, then these are the glares you want to buy. These go well with retro looks and accentuate square/round faces.

Clubmaster Sunglasses: –

The name says it all, perfect for every party occasion. These are perfect shades for men. Also, women can wear these shades and look equally stunning. The thick frame and thin bottom frame makes it a perfect combination for a sharper look.

Veronica Sunglasses: –

A combination of Clubmaster and wayfarer these are the most you can make of casual and elegance. A must buy for every woman looking for elegant styling.

Cat Eyes Sunglasses: –

Perfect for every woman that wants to express power with feminine appeal. These glasses are the perfect combo of the feline-strength and feminine appeal. One of the must have goggles for women that look good in any situation.

Michelle Sunglasses: –

Glasses that add that extra colour to your face and your life. These glasses are bright and vibrant, which makes them stand out of the crowd. If you are looking for something unique, you can give these a try.

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