We live in a country that is constantly bombarded with high sunlight and scorching heat. Sunlight also brings along with it UV radiations that are harmful to our eyes. Our eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body and they demand your care.

Sunglasses have for years been a must have fashion accessory for every fashionista. Sunglasses or Glares as these are called come in a variety of options. For every occasion there is a type, but there is more than one reason to invest in better sunglasses.

So, here’s why you should be investing more in a pair or two of sunglasses.

UV protection:

This is perhaps the best reason why you must buy a good pair of glasses. Most brands today manufacture sunglasses that have high UV protection in them. Brands like tom martin have wide range of UV protective glasses that you can buy.

Dust and Dirt protection:

Because our country is rapidly growing in infrastructure it means that we constantly exposed to dirt. This dirt is harmful to our eyes. Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes from such problems.

Prevention from eye problems:



Constant exposure to the UV rays coming from the sun will lead to cataract in the future.  Eye problems like cataracts cause 33% visual impairment around the world. In most cases the patient suffers blindness. To prevent these disorders it is necessary that we wear sunglasses whenever and wherever needed.

Reducing headaches:

Constant exposure to bright light and sun-rays leads to headaches. These headaches are called light-sensitive migraines. This happens due to the reduced tolerance towards light. Sunglasses will help reducing the intensity of these, thereby preventing such migraines.


As, small as this sounds, it is an important factor to look forward to. Polarized lenses will give you a better picture of the world with less glare and better clarity. A special film coating prevents excessive light from penetrating your eyes, which in contrast gives you a better view of the world.

Night Vision:

Well, we might not really call these sunglasses, but they have similar properties. Wearing night glasses while driving might just save your eyes and life too. These glasses reduce the intensity of the lights emitting from the oncoming traffic.

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