The history of sunglasses (also called Shades Informally) stretches far back in time. In the prehistoric and historic times, the Inuit people used glasses made from flattened Walrus Ivory. A narrow slit through these glasses allowed its user to block harmful rays reflected from the sun. Chinese people used flat panes of smoky quartz with no corrective powers to protect eyes from glare. A Roman emperor named Nero is said to have used emeralds to watch gladiator fights.

In the 18th century James Ayscough started experimenting with spectacles and tinted glasses. This gave way to the Sunglasses that we see through and use today.

Modernization and True Sunglasses: –

Crookes Lenses were introduced in 1913, these were made from cerium containing glass. The cerium glass was made in a way that it blocked U.V Light effectively. During the 1920s movie stars started popularizing the sunglasses, making them widespread and known to commoners. Celluloid sunglasses  produced by Sam Foster became highly demanded owing to their cheap costs. In 1936 Polarized sunglasses were seen for the first time, after Edwin H. Land began experimenting with the Polaroid filter. In the year 1937 around 20million sunglasses were sold in the U.S alone.


The Sunglasses are popular as fashion accessories, but in reality they have more functions than one. Polarized glasses help in giving a better view of the world around. Shades prevent glare from entering your eye, giving you a better and comfortable view of the world.

Also, shades provide protection against UV light, which can cause short and long-term ocular problems. In recent times, manufacturers have also developed sunglasses with protection from HEV light.

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